Monday, July 25, 2011

Wow... it's been a while...

Well... I didn't realize it had been a year since I had last posted! Not a whole lot has happened in that time, but I will catch up nonetheless.

We live in Joplin, MO, as most of my readers know... Our house was spared by the tornado that ripped through our town, however, as we all were, we were still affected. Many of our friends and neighbors lost their homes and their lives, and our daily lives were changed. You can't drive through town without seeing or trying to go somewhere that isn't there anymore. Our garden was also affected by the tornado (however not as much...). Our first tomatoes had blossom rot on them that we can only assume was from debris from the tornado. Much of our corn was ruined from the hail and wind from that storm.

I have been assisting a couple elderly ladies for around a year now. One of them I help in her home 4 days a week doing personal care and cleaning tasks that she can't do on her own. She and I have become great friends and I look forward to our time together. The other lady I meet with every 2 weeks and run errands for her that she can't do on her own as well as some minor cleaning tasks around her house. Both of them help me out with donations as they can to compensate for the time I spend with them. I have been blessed so much over the past year by doing this! We are however praying for our financial situation to change a bit so that I might be able to stay at home more again.

Our garden this year is doing very poorly between lack of time to devote to it and the terrible heat combined with no rain. It rained last night about 1/4 inch and that was the first rain in 2 weeks. That rain was almost an inch and the first rain in almost 2 months. The crab grass is higher than our corn, and stuck in the clay soil so much if we pull it out we risk pulling out all of the plants. We have gotten some tomatoes and cucumbers as well as a bountiful crop of early potatoes but I am afraid our summer garden is pretty much done.

We planted potatoes in car tires this year. It was more of an experiment than anything. We took 2 tires, tore up the soil under them, and planted our potatoes. Amazingly enough, without any care besides some occasional weeding and watering, we doubled what we planted! We have definitely decided we will do this again next year.

I haven't made laundry soap in a while, I got some great deals with coupons on liquid soap, so we have been using it up. We are handwashing all of our laundry again, in the bath tub. In the summer heat, we can hang up laundry at night and have dry laundry by morning!