Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pictures from the garden :)

Wow! Hard to believe that this is the plant that I left in the back seat of the car 2 years ago and have kept trying to kill ever since :) It looks great! Every year I put it in a bigger pot and it fills it up! Hoping someday I can get one of those huge $100 pots to let it fill!

The Irises are opening!

More onions pop up every day! I think there are 5-6 in this one now!

Lots of onions!


Tomato plants

The potatoes are getting big :)

And, I couldn't post without more of my beautiful irises!!!

This is my favorite, I was hesitant to post it, so please don't steal it :) Creative copyright and such :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gardening, at last!

Well, we have finally got enough done in the garden to post about it! :) We got the potatoes in before the last snow in March, but they're about 3-4 inches tall now. We got the tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers in last week. Today we planted corn & lima beans, and we're planning on planting green beans tonight. We also got some onions planted in some window boxes last time a couple of our little friends came to visit to help. Here's pictures! :)

Impatiens, and our unnamed plant that we think might be yucca.

In this one you can see the rows of peppers on the far left, tomatoes & then the potatoes on the far right.

We planted the cucumbers in a circle and then put the wire around so the cucumbers can climb.

These are the onions that the kids planted March 19th. In the top pot, there are 5 sprouts coming up, and in the bottom there are 2-3!

Our irises should be blooming any day!

Here's all the flowers & herbs ready to be potted. I ran out of potting soil, so they are sitting here in the wagon for easy moving in and out of the sun, and easy watering until I get some more in a couple of days.

These last 2 are of the garden and what is done so far :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring is here!

Today was a beautiful day! It was 80* with mild winds, gusts up to 25 mph. Perfect weather for line drying clothes. We could have had a revolving door with all the laundry we were taking in and out! :)

It's supposed to rain tomorrow and tomorrow night. We are planning on going over the weekend to get the tomato & herb starts to put in. We're also hoping to get the garden tilled again before putting the tomatoes in. We should be getting our seeds for beans and such any time too.

We have daffodils coming up everywhere! They are so pretty! I am going to try to take the webcam out tomorrow to get some pictures (I still can't find my camera...)