Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring is here!

Today was a beautiful day! It was 80* with mild winds, gusts up to 25 mph. Perfect weather for line drying clothes. We could have had a revolving door with all the laundry we were taking in and out! :)

It's supposed to rain tomorrow and tomorrow night. We are planning on going over the weekend to get the tomato & herb starts to put in. We're also hoping to get the garden tilled again before putting the tomatoes in. We should be getting our seeds for beans and such any time too.

We have daffodils coming up everywhere! They are so pretty! I am going to try to take the webcam out tomorrow to get some pictures (I still can't find my camera...)

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marissa said...

I need to get my beans going too but every time I go out to prep my soil I decide it's too cold