Monday, April 19, 2010

Gardening, at last!

Well, we have finally got enough done in the garden to post about it! :) We got the potatoes in before the last snow in March, but they're about 3-4 inches tall now. We got the tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers in last week. Today we planted corn & lima beans, and we're planning on planting green beans tonight. We also got some onions planted in some window boxes last time a couple of our little friends came to visit to help. Here's pictures! :)

Impatiens, and our unnamed plant that we think might be yucca.

In this one you can see the rows of peppers on the far left, tomatoes & then the potatoes on the far right.

We planted the cucumbers in a circle and then put the wire around so the cucumbers can climb.

These are the onions that the kids planted March 19th. In the top pot, there are 5 sprouts coming up, and in the bottom there are 2-3!

Our irises should be blooming any day!

Here's all the flowers & herbs ready to be potted. I ran out of potting soil, so they are sitting here in the wagon for easy moving in and out of the sun, and easy watering until I get some more in a couple of days.

These last 2 are of the garden and what is done so far :)

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Sharmayne said...

Good work Dawn! Pray you have a great crop. I also love Irises, will have to get some for our new homestead we've just moved to.
Hugs, Sharm (Australia)