Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm Back!

I don't know how often I'm going to be able to post, until we get the computer and internet at home, but I'm going to try to keep this fairly regular again. I miss getting to write to everyone and getting support and hearing from everyone. We've been very busy lately.

*The house still isn't organized, however one room down, three to go. I have the bathroom completely organized for the time being. That's the first room that is going to be remodeled (as of right now.) We are working on the bedroom tonight, which shouldn't take long with both of us working on it.

*The garden is coming along nicely (as nice as it can in January). We've temporarily lossed our sanity, and have decided until we get the tiller that we are hopefully getting this spring we're going to do it by hand. We've been raking dead grass for what seems like forever, but everytime we work on it it makes us feel so good knowing that we've done it ourselves with our bare hands and simple tools. We've going to start on spadeing it soon.

*We've both been working like crazy. Grant (DH) is still working at the kids rehab place. He still enjoys it, but we're hoping soon for him to move to a day position. What we're looking at will be wonderful, as he'll work days, and work teaching the kids about gardening. :) The best of both worlds. And of course, me with another momentary lapse of judgement and my move to management. I can't believe the things that people do to people in service postions. I saw it as a cashier but I'm the brunt of it as a manager. Sometimes I just want to scream at them, but then I remember why God has put me there. It is a blessing to see how many people are blessed by me being there.

Well I think thats all for now. We've starting outlining the garden, now we just have to come up with the money in the budget for seeds and plants. Hoping for a patio blueberry bush and strawberries in a pot on the patio as well. I bought a strawberry pot with my birthday money. More later!


Amy said...

Glad you are back -- seed exchanges are fun -- if you so desire to send your mailing address along I have a big bucket of seeds and would be thrilled to send some along to you!

Pauline said...

Hi, Dawn! So glad you are back, and doing well. Congrats on the promotion! That is a real blessing. I don't get around to my page often either, so just write whenever you can. Looking forward to hearing more! Your plans for the garden sound great! Hope it really produces well for you.

Blessings - Pauline