Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yay! We finally have a computer!

Yay! So we finally had the money to get a computer. It's not the greatest, but it will work for what we need it to do right now. So now I can update more often. We don't have internet at home yet, and probably won't for a while, but I can get on several wifi hotspots close to home. So I know everyone's been wanting to see how the garden's been doing, so here's some pictures (we got a new camera about a month ago too)!

Lots of green beans!!!! They're getting ready for the first picking!
The limas are starting to get beans in them. I can't wait!

There are so many tomatoes out there... now if they would only turn red!!!

The peppers are so big! and I'm amazed at how many can be on such a little plant! This is one side of the plant and the other picture is the other side.

This pepper is huge! I'm not sure I could palm it!
Well that's all for now, but rest assured now that I have a computer at my disposal there will be much more often posts, with plenty of pictures!!!!

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TabathaC84 said...

YEAH for computers and cameras! Im happy for you! Now you can update whenever you want!