Friday, September 18, 2009

Round and Round I Go

Wow... I am having a very very very bad day. Night before last I was pulled over, in front of my house no less, for having a break light out. We didn't know it was out of course, and so I told the officer that. Once I finally got through the stop, I went on with life. Yesterday went as usual, and was fine, and we were planning on my dad fixing the light (it's his car), tonight when I go over there to go to a women's retreat with my mom. Today when we went to go cash my paycheck, I noticed that my license was gone. The last place I had it was when the officier pulled me over. So I called the police station, and they don't have it. I have to wait until 10pm tonight to call and talk to the officer. So we out to get by check cashed and as we pulled into the bank parking lot (I was going to use the atm to deposit my check, as i don't have a license) I got pulled over again. He gave me a warning on both counts (brake lights and no license) and said to get both fixed. So we then went to the O'Reilly's to get the brake light fixed. Finally after 1 hour of working on it, they got the brake light and the turn indicator working, but the middle brake light is still not working. AND, the guy told us that a different bulb would work so HE opened the package, and put it in, and it didn't work, and then HE said that since WE opened the package he couldn't refund it (HOW'S THAT WORK?????) So now we're trying to figure out if we have to go to the dealer to get the right bulbs, or if we're fine without the 3rd brake light. And, I still don't have a license. So now, after we find out if we can legally drive without the 3rd brake light, we're gonna go get me another license so that I can legally drive. I have to work tonight from 5-9:30 and then I'm headed to Kansas for a women's retreat (obviously the devil doesn't want me there!!!!)

::edit:: UPDATE: I called non-emergency police to ask about the brake light, they sent me to the license agency (makes no sense to me, but ok...) they said they have nothing to do with that so to call the driver's license testing center, so I called them and they said they didn't know to call the Highway Patrol headquarters, so I called them and they called me back after doing research and said that by Missouri Statutes it has to be lit to pass inspection, but does not have to be lit to not be pulled over. If it is not lit you must have 2 working brake lights to make up for it. So there you go.

::edit:: UPDATE #2- I'm an idiot! We found the license! So I'm again leaving after work tonight to go to my women's retreat... After all this, I think I'm completely in need of it!!!!!

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TabathaC84 said...

Glad things ended up ok. Sorry the cops suck booty around here.