Friday, January 15, 2010

New Experience.... Home Haircutting!!!

Ok, so Grant decided his hair was too long...

So I began cutting... We decided rather than trying something hard, I'd just do finger length.

Here's the back 1/2 done

All Done!

Crazy man Grant!!! :) Looks good!

Why did you cut all of Pa's fur off, Ma??? Is this what is gonna happen to us if we aren't good???

Lots and lots of hair!

Then he trimmed his beard up... Looks really good!


Jennifer said...

You did a good job! I cut my husbands hair but I am not brave enough to try an actual hair cut with scissors, I just use the clippers. Kind of hard to mess that up!

Homesteader's Wife said...

It really wasn't that hard. I just held a bit of hair in my fingers and cut just right above the fingers... "finger length". It makes it just a bit longer than clippers...