Monday, March 15, 2010

Census Time is Here!

We got our census in the mail today! We were so excited because it is our first census as a married couple, and out of our parent's homes. It was very easy to fill out, however, as a genealogist I was very disappointed that they had cut it short to the 10 questions this year. I enjoy sifting through old censuses and learning more about my ancestors that I never met. How am I to know more about their every day life by only seeing age, race, and where they live on there??? The most fun censuses are the ones that ask about if they are in school, what their occupation is, if they have a radio, and silly questions like that. I love learning the mundane parts of their life that I never would have learned about otherwise.

Sorry about my ranting... we have filled out our sorry little census and it will be in the mail tomorrow...

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