Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Living Simply

I have begun working on decluttering our lives and our home. I am going through methodically and sorting through everything we have, asking myself, do we use this? is it useful? do we love it? And, because the extra money would help, I'm starting to sell it through craigslist and websites such as that, if it is not needed in our home. We have begun walking more, to places that we are able to. I am also beginning to find ways that I can bring money in while I am at home, one way being selling things we don't need :).

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D. said...

Nice blog. Sounds like we have very similar goals in mind. We only have 1/2 acre but we are trying to make it work for us. Right now we have chickens and sell the eggs that are extra, goats that we milk and sell the soap and make cheese, yogurt, etc. from them. We are working on a mini orchard and gardens. I hope you achieve your goals - a lot of work but well worth the efforts.