Monday, February 16, 2009

An organized Kitchen... almost!

More Pictures!!! I just can't stop now that I've figured it out!

Max again, being lazy, what he does best!

Princess & her Pa looking out the window "Whatcha looking at guys?"

This is what the babies got for Christmas. They were gorging themselves when they didn't have food out all the time, and they drink so much water we couldn't keep enough out for them! Got them at Dollar General for $2.50 each!

Ok, these are back to the kitchen. I was thoughtless for a bit, and took them all upright, and can't change them on this computer! This is the baking/cooking cabinet.

The vegetable cabinet.

The Fridge Door. All clean and pretty!

The inside of the fridge. The canned veggies are in there so that we think to use them quicker (DH's idea). It's so pretty clean!

The above the refrigerator freezer. This is used for the meals ahead, ice making and snacks. We haven't been grocery shopping yet this month.

I bought myself a toaster oven yesterday! It was only $10 at walmart (I hate that place but sometimes can get good things on clearance.) I'm still learning to use it, as I've never had one.

The freezer all organized. The top shelf is baking stuff, the next is meat, next is veggies and the bottom is fruit. In the door we have pot pies, freezer jam, frozen soups and jiffy mixes.

The top shelf of the freezer.
Next to the freezer we have a 5 gallon bucket for flour, and one for sugar, a small trash can of rice (we bought it for that purpose before having free 5 gallon buckets), and my containers of organized cookie cutters. More pictures tomorrow maybe!


Amy said...

WOW! I wish I was that organized but no not me, I did organize the pantry awhile ago but it is a mess now!

TabathaC84 said...

WOW thats awsome! I wish my kitchen looked like that. GREAT JOB!