Saturday, February 14, 2009

Updates with pictures this time!!!

So I thought I'd add some pictures today, since I finally found the cord and learned how to do it. I don't have any pictures of the house on here, other than the project we've been working on.

This is Princess, our American Shorthair calico. She is about 2 1/2, and finally growing past some of her kitten-ness. When we first got her she wouldn't sit still for anyone, and was very fiesty, biting and clawing everyone. Now she will try to be good for pretty much anyone. She sleeps with Grant & I and when other people come over, she at least tries to snuggle up against them!
In this picture she's helping us with the sorting and organizing of the cabinets.

This one is Max, our Russian Blue. He is our baby. We've had him since before we got married. He's like 4 years old now. :( He's growing up too fast. He is a snuggler and such a baby. He wants to be with whichever of us is awake and in the house, and if no one is awake, then he needs to be near the one sleeping. They both are also great watch-cats. They both seem to take turns watching the door and seeing who comes in. Especially when I'm home alone sleeping.

Now I'll show you our project that we're still kinda working on.

First Grant cleared out all the cabinets... This caused some stress for a little while, as you can probably imagine, but it really helped getting everything out in the open so we could see what we had.

Here's all the store bought canned veggies, (we didn't have as much home canned last year, and some was given to us.)

All the "grains" and such went on top of the upright freezer.
For some reason some of the other "grains" made it onto the floor beside the freezer, along with beans and pasta.

Here is Grant modeling with his vienna sausages. He keeps telling me that if I go to visit one of my homesteading friends for a while to learn stuff, he will live off of vienna sausages and bread for the entire time I'm gone!

Here I am making my inventory of groceries.

These are of part of the inventory. I started with meat, and made a boxes for the amounts that we want to keep on hand, then I'm going to laminate them, so that when we use something we can mark the box, then when I go grocery shopping (hopefully eventually once a month) I can know what we need.

And this last one is Princess helping mommy make the inventory. She seems to like being involved. Thats all for now!


Amy said...

You are so organized! YEAH! Great kitties!

TabathaC84 said...

Awsome! Progress! Looks like a good idea. Last month I went shoping for the month and ended up with stuff for a week of this month and on less than 150! I was proud of myself, lol! So I make a monthly meal plan, heck yeah on saving money!