Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shopping Spree!

More pictures! We went shopping with our tax refund check. The below pictures are what we got, with $50!!!

6 pounds of ground pork for 1.99 a pound, costing 1.96 each! We dug out all the ones that were this price, as all the others were at least $3.00 a pound. These were vaccumed sealed and frozen.

We're debating how much the pork chops were (we don't have the recipt here) but in the picture it looks like it was $19, but I thought it was less than that. But there were 8 huge pork chops in there, and the chicken was a 6 pounder for 88 cents a pound! All the others were 98 cents a pound.

The boil in a bag rice, I don't usually buy, but these were $1.92 each, and they all had $1.00 coupons on them! We hunted down all of the ones with the coupons on them. So we got them for 92 cents each! The Clorox Dish Cloths and Kitchen Towels were on sale as well. Starting price was $5.96. We got the Dish Cloths for $2 and the Kitchen Towels were $3. The other item in the picture is cloth napkins. We've been meaning to buy some to last us until I get a serger to make some. They were $2 for 4 napkins.

Ok, so this was kinda a splurge. These are a new product that they had on sale for $2 instead of $2.98. We got some to try and loved it so went back and bought 6 bags to freeze!

This is my new pot rack. Not sure if another will be going up next to it, but here it is. Tabatha gave me the idea, and so I thought I'd thank her for that as well. It's just a shelf hung upside down. We bought the shelf for about $5 at Wally World, and then we bought hooks to hang it with, and S hooks to hang the pots with.

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