Friday, October 10, 2008

Washing Machines

I'm thinking of getting a new washing machine. Now, before you think, "Now, Dawn, you've talked about how much in debt you are, and how much money you need every month to pay bills." Hear me out. I'm not going with the latest Kenmore or Maytag. I'm thinking of one from Lehman's!

This is the one I would love to have! Home Queen Wringer Washer
  • Uses much less water than an automatic washing machine
  • Requires no water pressure, and really gets clothes clean
  • Stainless steel tub holds 14 pounds of clothing!
  • 42 1/2" Hx24"OD, 139 lb.
  • One-year warranty on parts only
  • Made in Saudi Arabia

But it costs an amazing:

$899 for the 120V, 60 cycle, 7.5 amp
$949 for the 230V, 50 cycle, 3.5 amp

and both of these have an added $175 for freight.

SO.... I'm thinking this one looks like it might be closer in my future...

Lehman's® Hand Washer -

  • Easy, thorough washing-Agitator's pendulum motion slashes effort and shortens wash time to just several minutes per load. Triangle-shaped agitator forces water and detergent through clothes as they gently roll and turn, and keeps clothes fully submerged - never floating on surface or lodged in corners.
  • First-rate construction-We worked with a local manufacturer to ensure the highest possible quality, with important features and improvements over other models. Rust-proof, 304 stainless steel tub and handle mount. Clear plastic lid with knob lets you see inside as you wash. Unit is welded for extra strength (other models are soldered). Wooden legs with steel reinforcing crossbars at each end. Heavy-duty plastic fittings are easily replaceable and found at most hardware stores.
  • 36"Hx231/2"Lx23"W, holds 15 gallons, 30 lb. USA made.

And it only costs...

$650 with a wringer
$499 without the wringer

Ah.... someday....

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Amy said...

We have looked at the second model you show ... I do not have a dryer but with 5 children (soon to be six) I am NOT hand washing everything!! But this second model looks great to me!