Monday, March 9, 2009

My hands are dirty.... Yay!

This is all you get today... I took more, but the camera batteries died. We were in the garden most of the day yesterday and from 9-1 today. We went inside then because of rain scares. Here's what we've done so far...
This is the total amount "tilled up". Wait till you see all the rocks we've gotten out!

This is only one pile of rocks, thre's another pile the same size! There's a bunch of pipes in there, we think they were sewage pipes from the house that was there.
Here's the other pile, it's a little neater.

Here's the half done and that's ready to be planted. It's rockless, glassless, and everything. I sat and cleaned it out with my hands!

This is the other patch. It's pretty much just dug up. I've worked some by hand, but we've just been trying to dig it all up and get the big rocks out. Then I'll go back through and get the glass and little rocks and other things out.

It's pretty cool, we've found all kinds of glass, from dishes and such, marbles, a jack, a piece of a comb, nails and some other stuff. Kinda like an archaeologist, huh?! Hopefully if we keep going at this rate (this is 2-3 days worth of work done), we'll be done by the time we want to plant!

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Pauline said...

Hi, Dawn - I really enjoy seeing the progress on your garden - it is hard work, I know - but so rewarding! The daffy's are so pretty, too. You've inspired me to get going on my garden!

Blessings - Pauline