Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shopping Trip #2

So here's the update from my latest shopping trip. I finally got time to do it, sorry everyone it hasn't been before now. I know how excited Tabatha has been to see what all I got! I didn't get pictures of everything, but I'll tell you everything I got and tally it all up.

Arm & Hammer Essentials Cleaners - Coupon BOGO free - $2.69
Febreze Candles (Original Price 7.39) On Sale 5.39 Coupon BOGO Free

Kroger Hash Browns & Crinkle Fries - (Original 1.95) On sale 2/$3
Bar-S Bacon (Original 4.39) On sale BYGO Free - 2.19 each
Chicken Drumsticks (On Sale $0.95 a pound) 14 drumsticks for $4.11
Mushrooms 8oz. 2/$4 (New Price all the time)

*The dinners, Stouffer's and Lean Cuisine Meals originally 2.75, 3.19.
I got all of them for 2.29 with a $5 redeem thing they had
*The hot dogs I put in the pictures because I was going to get some different ones because they were on sale for $0.99 a piece, but then I looked down and the Kroger ones were always $0.88. It pays to look around!
*The Butter was originally 2.59 and I got them for 1.99. My Dillon's does this quite often, and I saw on QueenAcres Homestead, where she canned butter. I'm quite excited to try this, as I love real butter!
*The "la Creme" yogurt, was a splurge. It's my favorite kind of yogurt, and it was on sale for $2.50 (from $2.55), and I had a $0.55 off coupon.

I was excited beyond belief when I saw this! Milk is still really high around here, and these were still at least 1 1/2 weeks from expiration, and marked down to $1.14! So I bought all 3 and froze 2.

Rice-A-Roni on sale for 0.99 each!
Portabello Mushroom Caps $2.50
Wheat Thin Artisan Crackers on sale 2/$5 Coupon BYGO Free!!!
Triscuit Crackers on sale 2/$5 Coupon $1.00 off purchase of 2

We found these at Walgreens, original $2.59 Sale Price $1.99

This is a classic mistake, that taught me to watch as they ring up and ask questions. The Cereal and Cereal Bars were supposed to be in my "buy 10 items get $5 off" deal. Apparently only some Kelloggs cereals were included (not mentioned) and I wasn't paying attention until I got home. oh well. I still saved:
* Fiber One Cereal Bars - Original 3.55 Sale price 2.50
* Betty Crocker Potatoes - Original 1.69 Sale Price 1.59

These were included in my buy 10 save $5!
*Powerade $0.49 each! original $1.10 (I bought 11, and we're going to use them as our refill bottles for pop, tea, kool-aid, and water for lunches!!!)
*Alfredo Sauce 2.99 Sale price 2.49

These were kinda splurges too.
*Softsoap - Original 2.79 Sale 1.50
*Colgate - Markdown 1.59
*Kodak Black & White Cameras - Markdown 5.29
*Adams 3 month Flea Control - Markdown 6.99 (original 13.99!!!)
*Hair Dye (I can get at DG for $3) Original $4 Sale Price 2.49 Coupon $1 off
*Hair Dye Same as above, but i had another coupon for $2 off!
*the toothbrushes were Marked down to 0.99
*Herbal Essences Sale 2/$7 Coupon $1 off 2!

These are all from Walgreens.
*Raisins 2.99 Coupon $1.99 each!
*Dad's Root Beer Throat Drops Sale Price $1.79
*Axe Hair Gel 6.99 Free by mail in rebate!
*Fructis Shampoo 3.99 Coupon 2.00 off!
*Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner Sale Price 2/$8 Coupon $2 off 2!
*Gillette Shampoos Sale 2/$9 Coupon $1 off
*Gummies Sale price $.79 each
*Lifesavers Markdown 1.39 each

Sale price 2/$5

Also got:
Peeps $.39 each!
Purex Laundry Detergent 72 oz. $8.99 BYGO Free
Walgreens Cookbooks $3.99 Sale 3/$10
7-Up 2-liters 0.99
Total Spent: 269.77
Total Savings (not counting markdowns and some sale prices and rebates): 92.87
I'm sure with rebates, the sale prices, and markdowns we saved at least another $100! And we had so much fun!


TabathaC84 said...

AWSOME! Great job on shoping around and using coupons!

Amy said...

Great deals!It can be time consuming to find the best deals!

I am kicking off a new project today you may be interested in -- stop by and check it out!