Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day Dreaming...

Today has been a day for day dreaming. This has been my 3rd day off in a row, getting to spend them all with DH. I love weeks like this! The only problem is they make me hungry for the days to come when I will be a stay at home wife and mother, tending to my garden, and my home. We first went up to Dollar General, where I work, and bought some gardening things, some window boxes and such. We are trying to plant as much as we can in containers, and then we'll do the rest (hopefully) at another location, as we are about to go month to month with our lease, and we're hoping to not be there much longer. We're just looking for somewhere we can live for the next 3-5 years until we move to our dream.

We then went to get our hair cut, at the local beauty school. Can't beat $5 a hair cut, especially when all I get done is a simple trim. I love tips such as this. Then we went to another Dollar General (our "metro" area has like 10) looking for more gardening stuff (It's 25% off right now). We made our way over to Big Lots and Atwoods (In the same shopping center, for added savings on gas!) and got a birthday present for a friend, and some discount groceries. Now we're at the library using the computers (more savings as we don't use the electricity for the computer or the phone/internet bill!)

***** Our Tomato Plant has 10 tomatoes on it right now!!!!!!! *****

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Amy said...

I love family days when hubby is home - we have five little ones and a dream of a farm. We are moving soon, one step closer to our dream!