Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finally a Bridesmaid...

Well, in 20 days I am finally going to get my chance to be a bridesmaid! There have been 4-5 friends who have told me that I would get to be a bridesmaid, and either they got married at the courthouse or they got married far away and didn't invite me or something, but I've never actually made it to the wedding being a bridesmaid. I'm very excited about this one! My dress is a two piece (making it easier to put on by myself), the top is sleeveless but very high necked, and the skirt is ankle length. It is green. Have I mentioned I'm excited yet? :) I think that's all for now... Oh, we have a tomato about ready to pick! BTW, DH told me to let everyone know that our tomato plant is in a 5-gallon bucket, that makes it more impressive that we have 12 at once!

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Amy said...

Have a wonderful time at the wedding, post a picture of yourself all dressed up!

YEAH on the tomatoes -- we just had our first red one too -- very exciting!