Tuesday, August 12, 2008


As I have gotten older, I know that I haven't learned everything there is for me to learn yet, but I have learned a few things. It frustrates me very much when people look down on me or me and my husband, because we are young or because we haven't been married long. It really frustrates me that in America, the middle class doesn't really have a place, even though this really is a country founded for the middle class, and to get rid of the classes, isn't it? According to the government, my husband and I aren't poor, but because of all of our bills, we don't have the money to cover everything. And because we "aren't poor" we can't get assistance. I see this as a very big flaw that someone needs to fix. There are too many people out there like us who need help and can't get it, and too many people who are just doing what they have to to get the assistance. Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about. Because I work, and my husband works, and we don't have children, we can't get food assistance. We make right at the amount for the cut off... if we made $50 less a month, we could get assistance. If I was pregnant, we still couldn't get food stamps, but we could get WIC (I think, I really haven't looked into the requirements, as it really doesn't pertain to me right now). Until we have a child, we can't get the help. Well, I neither want to bring a child up in a home like this right now, or do we have the money to take care of a child. I have too many friends who sit at home, with their $400 a month in food stamps, and their husbands work to pay the rest of the bills, while we are slaving away, trying to keep the electricity on and a roof over our heads and our butts out of court! My DH has decided that he's going to write to our congressman about this, and I haven't decided yet if I'm going to just sign my name to his or write my own, but something has to be done about this.

On a happier note.... I've decided that I'm going to start posting the Dollar General sales on here to help everyone... (I work at DG). So, here's what we have on sale right now.

* Most of the swimming/sunscreen/outside toys are 25% off right now.
* The gardening/outdoor entertaining stuff went to 50% off.
* Also we have a few wedding items and some blenders/snocone machines and the like that are 50% off.

And if you can find them,
*There are some automotive/stationary/and kids toys and various other things that are now 90% off!

Hope someone can get some good out of that!

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