Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Moving... part 2

So... the hateful landlord emailed my husband back and said we now have to be out of the house by Friday and have it cleaned by Saturday at 2 when he comes to change the locks. And that a new tenant is moving in on Sunday. And mentioned something about court. So we emailed him back and said that we will be out of town on Saturday (as he wanted us to come back over and do some last minute cleaning after he inspects it) but could do the last minute details on late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. I hate to miss church, but I have a feeling, that for this to go well, since I am using up all of my days off for the coming week for the wedding and moving, that we will have to skip church and move. We also told him we would pay him an outrageous amount (more than we are paying in rent for the new house) every month for several months, to more than pay him off. Praying that God with soften his heart so that he not take us to court.
So we think that we have found a home for our freezer full of food for the couple of days between, but we still can't figure out what we are going to do with our two cats for those days. :( We can't afford to board them, I'm not leaving them in the car, and I don't want to leave them in the hotel room while we're gone (given that the hotel may or may not allow animals).
So now, all I'm left with is packing, moving and my checklist of other things... Let's see.
*Get a storage unit - done
* Get more boxes
* Get car door fixed (explain that one later) - hubby's at home doing that now
* Get mail forwarded - done
*Switch over electric - we have to pay them, and then they will
*Turn off gas - I have to remember to call them when they're open.
*Turn on water - ditto

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Roberta said...

You shouldn't stress out too much about the landlord taking you to court. Likely he won't but even if he does it's not like they can throw you in jail or take everything you have. He would only get a "judgement" against you which means they could take a reasonable amount out of your paychecks if you don't pay on your own. The only time it would really hurt is tax refunds which they could take all of or up to the amount of the judgement.