Saturday, September 6, 2008

Moving 101...

Ok, so I hate moving. I have always thought I liked moving, but I think that was because I was in denial as I have moved too many times to count in my life (literally, it definitely is over 15 times in 22 years.) I would so much rather just pack everything up, have a mover come, and move thousands of miles, than move across town.

We are still not completely moved. Our old landlord is being hateful about it. We are late on rent for him, one of the many reasons we are moving. He is trying to bully us into moving out before our 30 days is over. We emailed him about a week ago telling him that we would be moving. He has been emailing us for that week telling us he wants us out immediately. I told him that we would move as quickly as I could and that his bullying would do no good, as we had already talked to the police, and they told us that as long as we are out by our 30 day mark, we are good. Praying that he doesn't do something stupid.

Our new house has prooved its challenges, but we are loving it. I have pictures, but until we can get them developed onto a cd I have no way to get them onto here (the same with the wedding I was in). The cats are enjoying it, there are a few holes in the drywall that they climb in and out of. We mapped out our garden, and started the compost pile last night. I think he said the garden will be like 60 ft x 30 ft. It's pretty big. I can't wait for all the canning and freezing next year! I'm really looking forward to making soups and stews this winter. I need to go to the storage building and get the heaters out, it's getting cold. It's been rainy and cold the last few days. One reason we haven't got much moving done. DH got a bit sick from moving in it the other day. He seems to be feeling better.

I'm really excited because I got my membership packet from Mary Jane's Farm yesterday. I'm an official Farmgirl!!!

Well I think thats all for now. I'm going to try to keep updating every few days, but right now with moving and I'm going to be picking up extra shifts at work next week, I'll do what I can!


Pauline said...

Hi, Dawn - I'm so glad you got a house that you will really enjoy! Those veggies will taste really good coming from your new garden, too! By the way - I've added your blog to my "favorites" list. God Bless!

Pauline (from "Frugal Christians"!)

Amy said...

As we are in the process of moving 1000 miles from home I understand! Our stuff is all on a Uhaul truck until next week when we can get into the house! Moving has its benefits but is hard work!