Sunday, September 21, 2008

More good deals!

Well... On the way to work yesterday we went back by the rummage sale, and I got some more stuff... This time I got a stack of cookbooks for $.25 each, a book from the 60's on manners (it's a school textbook), a willow tree angel for $1.00!!! and I got one of those old plastic tupperware (I think) measuring/mixing bowls for $.10!!!! I'm very much looking forward to the idea of having internet at home someday, as this whole walking a mile to get on to check my email is not such a hot idea somedays.

The Cookbooks I got are:

Pillsbury's Bake-Off Cook Book (1970)
250 Ways to Prepare Meat (1940)
Money Saving Main Dishes (1970)
Joys of Jell-o (1963)
A Book of Famous Old New Orleans Recipes (ca. around 1978)
Recipe Magic with 57 Heinz Soups (1947)
All States Bicentennial Cook Book (1976)
250 Ways to Serve Fresh Vegetables (1940)

No recipe today, I have to be at work in a bit and still have alot of emails to sort through... Sorry :(

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