Sunday, September 28, 2008

Life is a little better... 3 days off coming!

Well, the Father-in-law has come and gone. And it really wasn't as bad as expected. He took me grocery shopping! We got all caught up on buying laundry soap making stuff, and toiletries and some of the groceries I couldn't get close to my house for good prices. I even went with him by myself.... I was very intimidated, but it went well. We talked about alot of things, and he has shown that he really isn't as scary as he and everyone else tries to make him out to be. He took us out to eat a couple of times (a great treat, as we haven't been to a restaurant for quite a while). We got to go to the church that we are members of, but haven't been to in a while, as it's 4 miles away and we don't want to walk that far and then walk to work, and walk around work and walk home from work (I WOULD DIE!). Very good to go home again. Oh, and I have 3 days off this week, in a row! I'm hoping to get my craft area organized so I can make some curtains for the house, and get some baking done!

Well, we think the money problems aren't going to be as dramatic as we thought. They still may be somewhat. And, Katie, we are planning a rummage sale, but it's getting to late in the year for it now, and I'm really not ready, and I can't get off work, so we're going to have one, with my landlord in the spring. I'm wanting to start making some craft items to sell online, but I'm really nervous, as I've never done this before. My mom has been buying some of my plastic canvas baby blocks from me though, that's been some good extra money.

Dollar General Update:

We have an ad starting today, lots of good stuff on sale. I'll try to post it tomorrow, but I'm not sure, I don't have one with me. I do know that we have this going on:

*Clover Valley Soda - Buy 2 get one free (3 for $1.50)
*Green Dot (Summer Stuff) Still 70% off
*Red Dot (Back to School) is 50%
*Seeds are 90% off!!!!
*Yellow Dot (Summer Clothes) are 50% off

Most stores should have at least some of their Christmas stuff out, and we've got some really good stuff this year. Halloween and Fall Home stuff is also out already!

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